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I'm Tiwana Floyd.

I'm a Conceptualist & Creative Story Editor telling stories through writing, directing, editing, and social media marketing.


Made-up stories were the company that kept me entertained while growing up as an only child. As an adult I discovered I'm an idea gal. 


As a recent PROMAX Promo Pathway Cohort X graduate, I've learned to properly produce unconventional comedic digital shorts, micro-shorts, on-air promos, podcasts, and smart social media content. 


"creativity is intelligence having fun"
Albert Einstein


Here's What You Can
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On-Air Promos


A recent PROMAX Promo Pathway Cohort X graduate, in partnership with Santa Monica College, I was immersed in interactive courses that included writing, editing, production, and design. Qualified in entertainment marketing and promotion, I incorporate the essential skills to launch my career as a preditor, writer, producer, and editor.


Editing on-air and social media promos for network TV using Adobe's Premiere Pro, Motion Graphics and Audition. Copywriting on Modern Family.

APPLE TV+ Central Park
Character Sell

APPLE TV+ Severance
Actor & Character Sell

Modern Family for Hulu SMM :30
Father's Day Sell

APPLE TV+ Severance
Actor & Character Sell

Creatives In Quarantine


video podcast

I used the uninterrupted time of the quarantine to have virtual chats with my creative colleagues. Curious to learn how they remained creative, if at all.


Researched and booked talent, recorded on Zoom, edited footage & overlay using Premiere Pro, designed Gfx using Ripl app, wrote and voiced weekly intro.