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Hi there! I'm the person behind the podcast Acting Lessons Learned. I began it as a blog in 2014, as I was too nervous to start a podcast. I thought I had to be perfect and knew little about audio production. 
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In 2022, I added audio certification to my resume and relaunched Acting Lessons Learned as a podcast. Producing a high-quality bi-weekly podcast has been a great experience, from scripting to recording to editing and marketing, it's empowering to own the IP. Within the first six months, I scaled downloads from 0 to 60, which is still growing.

I've learned that perfection isn't necessary in podcasting. It's a forgiving platform that allows you to authentically share your stories and flaws. All you need is good storytelling, tenacity, and outstanding audio.

with Tiwana Floyd

"It's Too Late. I'm Not Interesting. Podcasts Are Over Saturated."

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Lies, I tell you! If you have been hesitant to start a podcast because you don't think you have anything to offer, or you're afraid or you feel the medium is saturated, let me encourage to start anyway.

Creating a high-quality podcast is achievable. Every body has a story to tell and an point of view about things they are interested in. As someone who has experienced the fear, I'm proof if I can do it, so can you. And unlike YouTube or social media, podcasting is the lesser of the saturated. And there is an audience waiting to hear what you have to say.


I Can't Afford To Start A Podcast.

You do not need to invest in expensive equipment, but you will require a good microphone, a quiet recording space, and editing software. There are many affordable gear options available to suit your budget.

Producing a podcast is challenging work. It requires a dedication to a production schedule that can be easily disrupted. As time passes, you'll get better, as you simplify the process and when you're able to monetize you'll can hire help.

Is Podcasting Difficult?

Why Work With Tiwana?

Coaching services via video conference that cover:
• Establishing an Identity-Niche (who, what, & why)
• Creating a business plan & production schedule
• Researching podcasts in your niche
• Identifying your audience
• Basic Gear, editing software, or hiring editors
• Scheduling, Batching & Consistency
• Set up, recording, royalty-free music
• Consistency and avoiding pod-fade 
• Branding & Marketing

If you are committed to launching your podcast after coaching with me, you can do so successfully. The timeline will depend on your level of commitment to the work and your weekly schedule.
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 :30 "Pick Your Brain" $75 

 One Hour $150 

3 Separate Sessions

Must Be Used In 30 days

 3 One Hour $400 

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