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A an inter-disciplinary storyteller who writes, performs, directs and edits. Basically, an only child who learned to do a lot of things on her own, now producing content from her made-up stories. 

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Tiwana Floyd is a Los Angeles-based actress, improviser, writer, and media producer. A recipient of the 2019 NBC-sponsored Bob Curry Diversity in Comedy Fellowship. She's a graduate of Second City Hollywood's Improvisation and Directing Programs, producing sketch comedy bits for her 168 and rising YouTube followers. 


Yes, And... Tiwana Floyd Second City

Tiwana's imagination, filled with made-up stories of stuffed animal melodramas, was the recreation that kept her company, growing up an only child in The South Bronx and Yonkers, New York. 

At its onset, she joined the Hip-Hop revolution becoming a baby B-girl, pop-locking at family events for spare change to support her Now & Later, Blow Pop, and Drake's Coffee Cake habit. 

As crime and burnt-down buildings became a norm in the South Bronx, for quality of life, her family joined the exodus north migrating to Yonkers, NY. Inspired by the cult-classic film Fame, Tiwana auditioned and attended Lincoln High School's performing arts magnet program for ballet, jazz, and modern. ​To her dismay there were no "Hot Lunch" impromptu cafeteria performances. But, she did learn proper dance discipline that would reinforce her work ethic.


In pursuit of more happiness, her parents moved to South Jersey during her junior year of high school. After graduating, Tiwana moved back to The Bronx, beginning an unexpected entertainment road.  ​

Original Around The Way Girl 

Being an NYC club-kid was Tiwana's gateway into entertainment with a chance audition for a big-time music video. 

LL Cool J's "Around The Way Girl," "I don't want Ivana, I want Tiwana," was her first paid dance gig out of high school. She continued to dance and choreograph music videos and tours for Hip-Hop legends Rob Base, DMX, Def Jam Comedy Jam, later becoming a regular on MTV's The Grind.

Once dancers phased into video vixens, Tiwana retired to the Fashion Institute of Technology for a degree in Advertising and Marketing while transitioning into storytelling and performance through acting. After completing a two-year Meisner program, she ventured west for a TV and Film career.


With over 45+ national commercials and 15 TV credits under her belt, people constantly think they know her or invariably mistake her for Top Chef Carla Hall.

Bringing her only child, imaginative storytelling, full circle, Los Angeles oriented her to spend 11+ years in the improv and sketch comedy community.

The time spent in the improv and sketch comedy communities have offered a more nuanced understanding of storytelling that today contributes to the artistic autonomy she's been desiring, launching her into the discipline of content creation. 

Dedicated to conveying stories on the transgressions of under-dog and marginalized beings, Tiwana has begun utilizing her skills as a writer-director-performer-editor to green-lighting herself. 

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