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Acting Lessons Learned Coaching

Hello, my name is Tiwana Floyd, and I am the founder of the Acting Lessons Learned podcast and YouTube channel. Over the years, I have been asked by my fellow actors about how I maintain consistent momentum in my career. To help them grow, I coach them on the four basic principles I've used, allowing me to launch or gain more traction in my career. 


In 2016, I created a curriculum and presented it to various acting schools in Los Angeles. As a result of that presentation, I taught acting for six years at Berg Studio and Graham Shiels Studio, where I had the opportunity to help over 100 students achieve actor autonomy. My primary focus was on enabling them to shift from feeling powerless and stuck to taking complete control and generating opportunities for themselves while growing their acting careers.

The common challenges I found in coaching actors were experiencing:

  • Actor Identity: No clear vision of brand/niche

  • Marketing Materials: Poor headshots, reels, online presence

  • Self-Promotion: No marketing plan, fearful to share work

  • Mindset: Low self-esteem and 

Because of these things my actor peers struggled in getting the attention of agents and casting directors which meant little to no auditions and bookings. 

When you coach with me we will focus on:

Define Your Actor Identity

Through a host of questions, we find the core of who you are as a person and apply those characteristics to your acting, giving you a strong sense of what archetypes you bring to roles that will make your pursuit of acting more enjoyable. Knowing your identity will help casting directors and agents hire you for the roles you want to play instead of being type-cast into something you are not

Curating Smart Materials 

A comprehensive overhaul of all your materials: Headshot, Resume, Reel, Submission Sites, IMDbPro, Online Presence. This curation tells a specific and consistent story of whom you are as an actor across all platforms with the support of smart materials, making it effortless for industry hirers to invite you to the party. 

Feel Good Marketing

Actors are salespeople, whether we like it or not. We shy away from marketing our work because we have negative attachments to marketing. 

  • We Don't Recognize Our Value

  • Feel No One Cares

  • Believe Marketing Is Smarmy

In actuality, marketing allows us to genuinely share our accomplishments and allow others to choose how they'd like to collaborate with us. 

I'll teach you how to reframe your idea and discomfort around promoting your work catered to your comfort levels with little loving nudges. 


Accessing +Mindset 

With so much noise about what an actor "Should" or "Shouldn't" DO or BE paired with our personal neurosis, feelings of inadequacy, and perpetual rejection, it is easy to become fearful of doing anything outside of the "normal" or inactive to stay the course. 


A -Mindset tends to put us in the space of erosion. Success is a mindset. I'll introduce ways to access a +Mindset that feels authentic to you. Once your mindset shifts towards what's possible, everything on the outside will change along with it. 


You know those actors who seem to "all of a sudden" start experiencing success? A significant component of that success is their shift towards +Mindset. 


Major components of +Mindset are

  • Learning to measure success by a different equation

  • Setting specific goals for your career

  • Brainstorm ideas to take bold actions daily.


There are a lot of misconceptions about the industry and an actor's ability to generate opportunities. We will distinguish fact vs. fiction regarding where you fit and what is happening in the current landscape. My intention is for you to walk away with a strategic goal, actionable assignments, and new ways to overcome debilitating fears, that get you back into ownership and working more often. 

Private Sessions with Tiwana via ZOOM

Each client has a unique journey that will develop as sessions continue.


$65/30 MINS

(Reserved for new clients only. 1 topic only)








(Actor Career Planning, Marketing, Audition Prep Scene work)



(Actor Career Planning, Marketing, Audition Prep Scene work)

email for invoice


                                            4 HRS*                                        8 HRS*

                                             $400                                           $800

                                must be used 30 days after purchase                                                                      must be used 60 days after purchase

Cancellations & Refunds

Cancel or reschedule within 48 hours of session time with no penalty. 

Cancel or reschedule after 48 hours of session time forfeits 50% of session fee and requires another 50% of session rate deposit to reschedule.

If you cancel twice less than 48 hours of session time Tiwana can not work with you. 

Change your mind within 48 hours of session time - Full Refund.

Cancel after 48 hours of session time and change mind 50% of session fee refunded.

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