My peers are always asking me how I had consistent momentum in my career. I would coach them on basic strategies to launch or create traction in their careers. In 2016 I wrote a curriculum and pitched it to acting schools. I taught at Berg Studio for two years, currently coaching at Graham Shiels Studio.

The common denominator I found was most actors had weak materials, did not know who they were as actors. As a result, they struggled with getting the attention of agents and casting directors. 

So, What is Actor Business School?

We are a Business of Acting coaching company that assists actors in building momentum in their careers in three significant areas of focus.

  • Master Your Materials

  • Master Your Marketing

  • Master Your Mindset


Master Your Materials

A comprehensive overhaul of all your materials: Headshot, Resume, Reel, Submission Sites, IMDbPro, Online Presence. Curated to tell a specific and consistent story of who you are as an actor across all platforms. The actor will learn to breakdown their Acting Niche and support that story with a masterful package making it effortless for industry hirers to invite you to the party. The Actor leaves this course with a new way to package their materials with individualized interactive assistance. 

Master Your Marketing

Actors are salespeople. Many actors shy away from marketing themselves because they don't know they are valuable, or they feel no one cares about what they offer. This course teaches actors how to market themselves to a targeted list of industry hirers in a way that feels effortless and comfortable to the actor. The Actor leaves this course with a new way to market their materials with individualized interactive assistance.


Master Your Mindset 

With so much noise about what an actor Should or Shouldn't do and the actor's neurosis, it is easy to become fearful of doing anything outside of the "normal" to have success. In this course, actors learn to measure success by a different equation, set specific goals for their careers, and brainstorm ideas to take bold actions daily. And discern fact vs. fiction in regards to what is truly happening in the current landscape. The Actor leaves this course with a new strategic goal, actionable tasks and new ways to overcome debilitating fears with individualized interactive assistance.


Small Groups of 5 for individualized attention.

$100 per person

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Private Session with Tiwana

$120 per hour (2 hour minimum)

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